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The longer, the better!

3 Jun

There are a lot of lessons you wish someone would teach you early on when you’re in band, so that you can progress further and faster in your “music career”. Unfortunately, more often than not, you have to learn these lessons the hard way.  There are a lot of things I’m sure I could list off that I wish I had learned early on, but one that comes to mind immediately is “don’t write songs that run way too long”

My band and I wrote big, epic songs that could have been trimmed up…a lot!   If you listen to songs on the radio, most of them are somewhere between 3 to 4 minutes long. Our songs usually doubled that.  And when we’d play them live, we’d jam them out even longer.

One funny story of our lengthy songs comes from an ex drummer of our band. At the time, he was in a different band (before joining ours later) and his band opened for us. At the end of our set, we announced we were playing one more song, so he decided to duck out quickly, run to Sonic, get something to eat and come back. When he returned from eating, we were still playing….the same song as when he left!

But one particular time, we purposely dragged out a song for good reason. We were playing a biker bar filled with bikers and hot, drunk girls (well, drunk at least) and these girls wanted to dance….with their clothes off!

We announced our last song of the night, so these girls decided to go for broke by getting up on stage with us to put on a show of their own. I’ll try to keep this clean (since my kids might read this someday.  Sorry, kids, Dad was young and dumb once too), but there was one particular girl who…let’s just say got paid to dance with her clothes off for a living. When she got on stage to dance, the show went from being almost over to not even close.

Without saying a word out loud, each member of my band knew what to do about this situation–play the longest version of this song possible. We stretched that song out much longer than we should have, then stretched it out even more–all so we could keep watching this girl dance. 

A funny side note: after the show, that girl gave me her phone number, speaking in a thick, German accent. A few days later, I called her and the accent was gone. Where had it gone? Nowhere. She was just so drunk and slurring her words so bad that she sounded German!

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