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Mexico (part 1)

8 Oct

So here’s how cool my job is—a while back, I was flown to Mexico to play four songs in paradise and then spend the next four days in a house straight out of Miami Vice with a couple that have now become good friends of mine…..I’ll let that sink in.

Let me start from the beginning. I was doing a show at a winery when a guy came up to me and asked, “If I fly you out to Mexico for a couple days, would you play some songs while I propose to my girlfriend?”

I know it sounds unrealistic, but I do hear things like this all the time–and every time, nothing ever comes from it. But I can’t look this guy in the eye and say, “You’re full of shit and don’t waste my time.”

Instead, I say, “Sure, I can do that. Here’s my card. Call me and we’ll see if we can make it happen.”
He took my card, thanked me and walked away.

I didn’t think anything else about the possibility of this happening until three or four months later when I got a call from him, saying it was time. His proposal to me was, “I want to fly you to Mexico on my dime, put you up in my mini-mansion for four days, pay your expenses for the partial week…..and all you have to do is play four song while I propose to my girlfriend”!

Of course, I said yes and a couple weeks later, I was in f-ing Mexico, staring at a gorgeous beach and thanking baby Jesus that I found my way to playing guitar. But first, I had to get through this proposal with him.

I told him we should devise a plan to make this work without her knowing he was about to propose. His thoughts were, “how about you just show up and play?”

I told him that wouldn’t work. She was there with him that day he saw me at the winery and if I just “happened” to be in Mexico while they were there and just “happened” to bring my guitar and play her some songs, she would figure out his intentions. So I came up with a plan…..and here it is.

There was a restaurant not far from their mini-mansion that we were going to meet up at. They were to be there prior to my arrival, just having some drinks when–all the sudden–I walk in with my suitcase and guitar. The groom is at a table with his girlfriend when he looks up and sees me.

He turns to her and says, “Hey, isn’t that the guy we saw playing at that winery a few months ago?”

His girlfriend, whose answer hopefully only reflected that she had no idea what was going on, said, “How the hell should I know?”

The groom then got up and said, “I’m going to go talk to him—ask him to come over and sit with us.”

From that point, I was invited over to their table and quizzed about the weird coincidence that I was here in Mexico, that they had seen me back in Texas and that we would be at the same restaurant at the same time. But I had a back story previously planned.

Girlfriend–“So what are you doing here in Mexico?”

Me–“Oh, I just played a wedding for a couple who flew me out here. Today’s my last day and I’m getting ready to catch my flight back home in about 8 hours. I had to check out of my hotel early, so I thought I’d come here to pass some time before my flight home.”

Groom—“Your flight doesn’t leave for another 8 hours? That’s crazy!! We’ve rented a house not far from here. You should come over and hang out with us till you have to leave. We’re fixing dinner—you should come eat with us!”

Me—“Ummm…..Okay….Yeah, if it’s not too much trouble, that sounds fun!”

So we hop in their transportation and head to the min-mansion for dinner. So far, the plan is working. After dinner (keep in mind, I have my guitar with me from the fake wedding I played), I thank them for having me out.

Me—“Since you guys have been so nice to me—even though I’m kind of a complete stranger—the least I could do for you is play some songs.”

Groom—“Oh, that would be awesome!!!….Hey, why don’t we go do it down by the beach!” (yes, this mini-mansion was right on the beach)

Me—“Yeah! It’s the least I could do!”

And so the fairy-tale started with us on the beach—the lovely couple listening to me play the songs the groom had previously hand-picked for me to play and ended with him asking his fiancé to marry him. And with tears rolling down her eyes, she said “Yes!”

It also led to an amazing week, hanging out in paradise with people I now call friends—for FOUR days!!! We had a blast and made memories I’ll never forget. If you hadn’t notice, this was a trip of a lifetime for a little old musician like me, but it doesn’t end there…….Oh no! There is a part two to my trip to Mexico.
But that for another blog!…..Stay tuned!