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Here’s 37 years of wisdom…

14 Dec

It’s my birthday. I’m 37 years old. And here’s what I’ve learned, ladies and gentlemen:

1. Be good to your dog. I know I should probably say that you should be good to your children, but that’s a given. Be good to your dog. My dog is named Sugar. She is loyal, loving, and a great companion. She is always happy to see me when I come home, she is always happy when I pet her and she has no idea what social media is. That makes her a winner. So be good to your dog because she will never care about any of you or your friend’s social status updates.

2. Be happy even when you’re not happy. The people you love don’t deserve to be dragged through your depressing, miserable phases in life. We all have rough patches that we must endure. But that is no excuse for putting other people through those times with us. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk to people about your problems, but don’t burden them with it on a daily basis. Life is a journey that only you can go through. Don’t expect other people to experience your pain and suffering with you on the same level that you do. It’s unfair to them and it only makes you an asshole 🙂

3. Don’t let your kids kick your ass. I know that raising kids is not an easy task, but this is a fight in life that you cannot lose. Your kids are not your friends, they are your kids. Protect them, love them, do everything you can for them, but don’t be enablers to them. In this day and age, it’s very easy to let a child waste their day playing on the iPad, Xbox, or whatever devices they can get their hands on. There’s nothing wrong with that to an extent (that’s the new way of the world), but it never hurts to show them how to climb a tree, play catch with them in the backyard or kick a soccer ball around. They need you to show them things that the iPad and the Internet can never show them.

4. Appreciate another human being’s craft. There are people out there who create things and no one thanks them for it. I create music. There are others that paint incredible art, create crafts from wood, metal, electronics, or whatever you can think of. If you look around, there are people doing amazing things that we all take for granted that deserve–at least for a moment of our time–our appreciation and respect. We all have travelled this long road called life and became doctors, lawyers, electricians, construction workers, store clerks, etc and helped pushed the human race in a better direction. If someone you know helped your life in a significant way, the least you could do is be respectful of that and give them a nod of approval for their contributions in the world before they shed their mortal coil.

5. Tragedy can be the best part of your life. I went through a divorce a couple years ago. I thought I was done. I thought I was going to mentally die. My whole life was turned upside down and I had no say in it. But after the dust settled, I was ok. My kids were ok. My ex wife was ok. We all picked up the pieces and made the best of it–which says something about our strength and character. We all made the best of the circumstances and now I feel like each one of us is a bit stronger because of it. Listen, if I asked you (metaphorically speaking) to step into a boxing ring and fight for 12 rounds with no training or preparation, that would be brutal. But if I asked you to do it and draw from the tragedies you’ve endured to help pull you through, my money would be bet on the fact that you will endure once again. You may not always win, but will always thrive when the dust settles for you.

6. Love your parents. Not all of us have had great parents, but we all have been given this great chance to step up to the marathon race called “life” and at the very least, we should thank those who helped us get to that starting line. My parents gave me an entire world to conquer and I love them for that. They sacrificed so much to make my life better than theirs. If you don’t have parents like that, I bet you can find “parent figures” in your life (teachers, neighbors, friends) who did. Love them and do the same for them when the opportunity comes up. People are awesome! I know the media these days wants to divide us at time and pit us against ourselves, but the truth is, we all share this life, planet and existence together and we are only as awesome as the person standing next to us.

6. There’s a good chance no one is ever gonna make a movie about your life, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t/will not be/hasn’t been amazing! If you really take a step back and look at everyone you know and multiple that by a couple billion/trillion, the fact that we all have these amazing lives and stories is more important than anything. Maybe some days of your life aren’t what you hoped it would be. But during those days, someone else’s life is either going amazing or going tragic or turning from one to the other. Even when you spend your day watching too much Netflix, life is still happening all around you. Appreciate those amazing moments along with the amazing moments in your life. WE HAVE IT ALL! ALL OF US ARE ON THE BEST RIDE THE UNIVERSE HAS TO OFFER! So throw your hands up, keep love in your heart and remember to see the big picture!