Plumber’s Crack

7 Oct

Hopefully, a lot of you are aware of the video performances I do on my YouTube page.  I really enjoy doing them for anyone willing to watch. I know there are a lot of shows I play that some fans simply can’t get out to, so those performances make me feel like I’m giving something back to them when they’d like to come out, but can’t. But sometimes, there’s a backstory to those performances that don’t get seen or go unnoticed…like the performance I did on piano called “Change”.

When I did this song, my son was very young and his sister was in school, so it was just me and him–home alone all day– trying to fill the hours until she got home. Some of those days, I had to ask him to sit through my YouTube performances so that I could do my job–which is reaching out to you. But a lot of those performances meant he had to be bored for the time-being and entertain himself until I was done.  That’s not a smart move when dealing with a three year old, in most cases.
     So the day comes that I decided to perform this song, “Change”. I set up my camera, I give this tiny three year old the speech of “be good while daddy does this song” and hope for the best. Little did I know, he was going to do his best to not do anything I asked of him.
     If you watch the first part of the video, everything seems to be fine. I’m playing the song as flawlessly as I’m capable, then all the sudden, my son crawls up out of no where and starts hanging on my neck like a little monkey.  He grabs a hold of my neck, starts rubbing on my ear and does everything that a three year can do to make you mess up during a song.
     It was difficult, but I kept going and told myself, “unless I mess up, I’m not going to stop playing.  I’m not going to stop playing”
     But the real impressive feat about that performance was not what you saw when he climbed up and started using me as his personal jungle gym. It actually started at the beginning of that song.
     When I first told him I was going to make a YouTube video, he didn’t want to be in it with me. He told me he was going to hide behind me while I performed. I said “cool” and started the video and my performance. About 10 seconds into the video, my son, Gabriel, started to make that particle performance the most difficult performance of my life…and no one saw what he was up to.
     As the song is getting under way, Gabriel started to stick his hand down the back of my pants and grab my ass… Literally…As I’m playing this, my ass is being violated by my own son!
     But the performance is going well and off to a good start….I’m not great on the piano and I know it may take me 100 more tries to play this song the way I’d like for it to be heard. I know if I stop him, my next performance and my next performance and so on may not go well.  Soooo…I kept performing. I try my best to keep a straight face while my son is squeezing/pinching/groping my ass. It was all I could do to keep from laughing/crying for him to stop.
     If you watch the video, he stops halfway through and then decides to climb all over me, but again, I hadn’t messed up the song yet, so I keep going. What started as a disaster waiting to happen turned into one of my favorite performances on my YouTube page and I owe it all to Gabriel:)….even though I can’t watched it without feeling violated:)

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